The customer is involved all the way

Back in the old days acquiring customized business applications was very expensive. Nowadays, in the light of development tools having become more advanced and specially adapted to different markets, acquiring a custommade application doesn’t have to cost more - well, rather the contrary. 

Below are some examples of custommade applications that we developed or are developing:

GRÖN - Order handling system for produce wholesale business. The end customers are public institutions, e.g. schools and hospitals. Developed for a Swedish customer. 
COOL - Booking/warehouse system, keeping track of the many coolers Carlsberg is lending to bars and supermarkets etc. 
RECAP - Reporting system, document handling and much more for DSV A/S.
KAPOW - System, designed to keep track of DONALD DUCK publications and other magazines from Egmont. 
VETALLERGY - Veterinary allergy analysis system, primarily for horses and dogs.
GAMES - MES for a fish fodder factory.
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We develop custom-made solutions for businesses that prefer having their system fit into their business instead of the other way around which is often the case with standard systems.

The process:

We have several years of experience with developing administrative systems - typically business applications - so we know the processes quite well, right from database design and designing GUI to developing functionality, user tests and integrations with existing systems. 

Tool box:
We use a variety of developing tools. However, we have come to the realization that it is quicker and cheaper when developing with DataFlex, no matter if it is for web or mobile. Why?

Because DataFlex is designed for developing administrative solutions. So it can be done in no time. That’s how easily it can be done. 


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